As a participant of 72U, the creative residency housed within 72andSunny, I worked with a motley team of engineers, designers, and experiential producers on a conceptual branding project for the nonprofit River LA. We organized a massive event Downtown to let Angelenos know that they not only have a river but that it’s currently being totally revitalized.  We also used a lot of buzzwords.

I was primarily responsible for both developing the immersive experiences as well as crafting the accompanying write-ups. Our intention was to inspire Angelenos to think critically about their city and their river. We also developed a wearable talking piece using recycled concrete from the iconic 6th Street Bridge.

Here’s some more 72U antics – only these are less civic minded. I pitched the idea of bringing in mimes as a joke, but my bluff was called. Suddenly, I was tasked with arranging auditions and negotiating rates with LA's toughest mimes. They may not say much but boy do they drive a hard bargain.